Theragun Mini Review

theragun mini review

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The Bottom Line

The Theragun Mini massage gun is great for anyone looking for a convenient, lightweight, and user-friendly hand held massager for aching muscles or just after a workout. Other than the relativelcy short battery life, which serves as a continual reminder to have it charged or to constantly carry the charger with you, there isn’t really much to complain about. Like its larger Theragun massage gun, the Mini is one of the premium massage gun devices that comes with a fair price. It has multipurpose attachments and an app that could enhance your quality of life. But because it lacks the strength of its bigger cousins, it works best when combined with a foam roller. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative with similar performance, the Booster Mini massager might be the better way to go.

$312 from Amazon Australia.

Final Rating: 3.95/5

What I Liked

  • Theragun Mini is very portable because of its small size just like our BodyPro Mini Massager. Since it’s compact, I can carry it everywhere I go in my workout bag. For those who frequently travel or need to use their Theragun while on the road, this is ideal.
  • The device has a single button for both on and off as well as speed adjustment, making it extremely user-friendly. I also appreciate that useful instructions explaining how to utilise it properly are included.
  • For its size, the Theragun Mini packs a surprising amount of power with its 12 mm amplitude and up to 2,400 rpm.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Although the stated battery life of 120 minutes is great for such a small device, it does play on my mind. It lasts closer to 100 minutes when used continuously. This means that you must make sure it is completely charged before using it or remember to carry the charger if you intend to use it for several sessions.
  • The noise level is noticeable, however, we need to acknowledge that it is a small model. While it’s not as loud as the larger Theragun models, it’s still quite noticeable and could be disruptive if you’re using it in a shared space or around others.
  • It is fairly expensive for a mini massage gun. Although it is undoubtedly a high-quality product, some customers may find the $199 AUD price tag to be a bit excessive, particularly considering that there are other comparable items available for less money.

Who Should Use The Theragun Mini?

The Theragun Mini is a purpose-designed massage gun intended for those who frequently travel. If you enjoy working out but often experience muscle soreness, the Theragun Mini can help but it won’t give the best massage since it lacks the amplitude and rpm of larger models. If that’s what you need then you should consider the Theragun Pro or similar.

Theragun Mini Features Reviewed

Here are some of the features that stood out to me.


With its unmatched portability, the Theragun Mini is revolutionising the massage gun market. Its small size allows it to fit into a variety of purses, bags, and laptop sleeves without taking up much space. Although it is a considerable weight for its size (1.31 kg), you can still bring it with you wherever you go, giving you access to relief whenever you need it.

Speed and Power

With its three speed settings that range from 1,750 to 2,400 percussions per minute, the Theragun Mini can effectively target muscle recovery and relaxation during massages. Whilst it is not capable of reaching 3,200 rpm, you certainly can’t expect too much from a unit this small.

The amplitude of 12mm is respectable but it won’t give the deepest percussive therapy on muscle stiffness as larger models. The three attachment heads that come with the unit, the Thumb, Standard Ball, and Dampener, are lacking compared to standard-size massage guns but they do cover a lot of bases. For example, there is no pointed attachment for working out knots in tight places.

Battery Life

Therabody opted for size over capability with the Theragun Mini and this is reflected in its battery capacity of 120 minutes per charge. This is on the low side compared to standard massage guns and even some compact versions like the Arboleaf Mini which can last up to 3 hours. However, the unit can be charged using a USB-C port and cable so this will prove to be convenient for most.


The Theragun Mini comes with three attachments that can be used for general muscle relief. Additional attachments can be purchased separately to target specific areas of the body.

  • Standard ball: Firmer than the dampener, the standard ball strikes a compromise between that and the Thumb attachment where it can be used on small and large muscle groups.
  • Thumb: Designed to resemble the human thumb, this can be used for trigger points or specific areas of the body where pressure is needed, e.g. feet soles.

  • Dampener: A broad head attachment for general body use but particularly effective on larger muscle groups.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Therabody Theragun Mini can connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth if you have the Therabody App installed. Similar to other Theragun models, you can personalise your massaging routine, provide suggested workouts and record basic details such as pressure and speed.

Overall, the integration of an app helps to improve the quality of life of the user but it doesn’t add much to the massage itself.

Travelling With The Theragun Mini

Absolutely, the Theragun Mini is one of the best massage guns for travel. Its compact size, favourable shape enable it to be stored in any carry bag and taken anywhere. The unit will come with its own soft case which is a plus.

When taking a massage gun on holiday, one of the main worries is how long the batteries will last. Theragun Mini’s 120-minute battery life, on the other hand, is more than plenty for a weekend getaway or perhaps a longer excursion. It also includes a travel pouch to keep the Mini and its accessories safe and organised while in transit.

Theragun Mini’s QuietForce Technology, which guarantees quiet operation, is another fantastic feature. This means you can use it in public without upsetting anyone nearby, such as hotels or airports.

My Theragun Mini Experience

If you have used traditional massage guns in their pistol shape, then the Theragun Mini might be a bit strange to hold and use. Oddly enough, I quickly became accustomed to its ergonomic design and simple controls make it easy to customize the intensity and speed of the massage. The small indentation on the body of the unit and the thick curved edges make it really easy for your hand to grip at different angles.

I particularly loved the Theragun Mini’s quiet operation. Unlike other massage guns, this device produces minimal noise, making it perfect for use in public places or at work. Its compact size also makes it easy to carry around and store.

Forgiving the short battery life, the Theragun Mini is one of my favourite travel companions. The pistol-style massage guns simply take up more room.

What Customers Are Saying

I did some research online including various online stores and Reddit forums to see what customers have said about the Theragun Mni. Here’s what I found.

Some users did mention the noise level, but hey, it’s a small gripe compared to the fantastic results it brings. People also compared it with the Hyperice Hypervolt 2 which shines for its strength and sturdiness, but the Hyperice gets props for being quieter. They all seem to agree that the cheaper options aren’t as reliable or effective as these top-notch brands.

The general consensus? The Mini massage gun is great for boosting blood flow especially for people without specific injuries. Users shared stories about using unconventional things for vibration and finding these guns quite handy for muscle recovery and relaxation. It’s a nod to the diverse options out there and how these devices complement everyday wellness routines.

Final Verdict

Based on my Theragun Mini review, I would definitely recommend this mini massage gun to anyone who needs a portable, compact and easy-to-use solution for sore muscles or just post-workout. To be honest, there is not much to complain about besides the battery life which is a constant reminder to have it charged or always bring the charger with you.

With all Therabody products, the Mini offers a great massage for a reasonable price and comes with multi-use attachments and an app that might improve your quality of life. However, it doesn’t have the power of its larger-sized cousins so it’s best used in conjunction with a foam roller.

How I Rated The Theragun Mini

  • Ordering, Shipping, Delivery – 4/5
  • Speeds – 4/5
  • Motor – 4/5
  • Attachments – 4/5
  • Battery Life – 2.5/5
  • Noise – 3.5/5
  • Portability – 5/5
  • Value – 4.5/5
  • Warranty and Returns – 4/5
  • Customer Service – 4/5
  • OVERALL: 3.95/5

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between Theragun Mini and Theragun Prime?

The massage speed and force of the Theragun Mini and Theragun Prime are the primary differences between them. Because of its greater maximum force and speed, the Theragun Prime is a better tool for deep tissue massage. On the other hand, the Theragun Mini is more portable and compact and is made for more accurate and focused massage.

How long does the Theragun Mini battery last?

The Theragun Mini has a battery life of up to 120 minutes of continuous use on a single charge. This means you can use it for multiple sessions before needing to recharge.

Are there any attachments available for the Theragun Mini?

Yes, the Theragun Mini comes with three attachments: a standard ball, a dampener attachment, and one that resembles a human thumb. Although it only comes with three, they complement each other nicely and they will cover a lot of bases.

Is the Theragun Mini suitable for foot massage?

Theragun Mini is indeed suitable for massaging feet where the thumb and dampener attachments will work the best. To prevent pain, it’s crucial to use caution and begin with a lower force and speed setting.

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